Monday, September 22, 2008

Shijiazhuang party chief sacked over milk scandal

The party chief of Shijiazhuang, capital of north China's Hebei Province, was sacked here on Monday over the tainted milk powder scandal.

The dismissal of Wu Xianguo from his post as secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China was decided by the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, according to the committee's organization department.

Wu was also dismissed as member of the standing committee of CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee.

The provincial party committee said Wu did not properly deal with the delayed reporting by dairy producer Sanlu Group over the incident and thus should share responsibility.

Dairy giant Sanlu, based in Shijiazhuang, was the first company exposed in the tainted dairy products scandal, which has sickened nearly 1,3000 infants and killed three.

Source: Xinhua

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