Monday, September 22, 2008

Innovation breeds the national strength and state prosperity

The just closed 29th Beijing Olympic Games have successfully fulfilled the solemn promise China pledged to the world, and fully displayed the great idea of 'Green Olympics, Science and technology Olympics and Human Olympics' through the active innovation for the duration of preparing for and hosting the Olympic Games.

It has been learned form our experience in hosting the Olympics that the idea of innovation is not only a historic legacy passed on from generation to generation for more than 5,000 years in China, but possesses unfailing fascination attracting us to pursue in the future.

Hundreds and thousands of nationalities coexist in the world arena, each preserving its historical and cultural uniqueness in its struggle for survival and development. But what determines a nation's historical destiny is nothing but its ability to innovate, which is an all-time truth based on facts.

The fruits form practicing the 'science and technology Olympics' also indicate that the basic research work serves as the sources of innovation. Today's popular application of Light Emitting Diode , a semiconductor material, would remind us of the painstaking efforts made by generations of scientists bending on the basic research in the field. When we lavish praises on the superb species of rice and corn, we should not forget the efforts made by those engaged in bio technology, genetic engineering and any other complicated research work.

Innovation will be bolstering and guiding the progress of the economic society. The ideas of clean energies and energy conservation will be finally integrated into people's daily life and widely promoted in a bid to improve the livelihood in the society at large. The new information technology applied to media transmission in the Olympics again manifests the fact that innovation needs the strategic foresight and advance deployment.

Admittedly, in the Olympic showcase of science and technology, we still need to highlight opening up and cooperation. We have actually taken advantage of many international sources in the application of plenty of our innovative technologies. China is also endeavoring to advance with the entire world to maneuver into a new information age featuring energy conservation and emission reduction and fight a joint combat against global climate change.

The Olympics have concluded with a satisfactory full stop, but the legacies left behind the Games would remain there and expand beyond the confines of time and space. Surviving the tests by the Olympic Games, a newly developed car driven by clean energy will soon be put into massive production. In the mean time, China is currently working on a plan encouraging 10 cities across the country to lead the trend in the mixed use of automobiles and vehicles driven by clean energy. Additionally, the G3 communication technology has also won the testers' approval after its successful application to the Olympics, and it will be further promoted and act as the bellwether leading the general development of China's information industries complex.

Meanwhile, the technologies applied to environmental protection and environment-friendly measures which have been proved effective during the periods of the Olympics will gain a widespread support ensuing the Games. The Capital Iron and Steel Company has moved out of the capital area in an effort to clean the atmosphere in densely populated Beijing.

Olympics have not only pushed forward the innovation in architectural materials but set up a revolution in the architectural concept. Technologies of high-strength elliptic steel structure employed in the construction of Bird' Nest and some other stadiums can also been extended to the civil architecture.

In a nutshell, we have fully realized that, through the practice of hosting the Olympics and through the perfect marriage of science, technology and the Olympic spirits, to build up an innovation-oriented country means to promote the idea of innovation to every household, and call for a concert effort of people from all walks of life; and vise versa, the fruits by innovation will benefit the people as a whole, and innovation will act as a strong driving force to propel the progress of the economic society. Only on this basis, can the idea of innovation acquire renewed vitality and the spirits of innovation remain immortal.

Its author Wan Gang is the Minister of Science and Technology of PR.C. The article is translated by People's Daily Online

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